Art Smart Coffee Gallery hosted a book signing on Saturday November 14th featuring a new, brightly imaginative children’s book author.

Author, Cydnie Jo Tretter’s smile is as warm, inviting and intriguing as her wildly imaginative stories; stories poured on to paper and topped off with bright, vivid illustrations. 20151114_145536

I went to the coffee shop yesterday to buy some fresh roasted coffee beans and was pleasantly surprised to come across the book signing. It was a true pleasure to meet Tretter, she has a calm kindness about her that can put anyone at ease (even after a double shot of espresso).

One of Tretter’s new books was calling my name, literally. The book,  ‘Sarah’s Special Wish,’ caught my eye immediately. I had to have it and signed. It is a fun read even for this semi grown-up.

When you purchase one of Tretter’s books you also receive the ability to download a free audio version. You can find Author Cydnie Jo Tretter at 20151115_144002

After a fun trip through the make believe universe, I leave you with what the book left me, never give up on a hope or a dream and beware of the Wish Gobblers.